This is a sample of the work that I’ve done over the past few years. Click the section name to show projects in that category.

Professional Projects

Hack 'n' SlashHack ‘n’ Slash – 2013-2014

I was the Lead Gameplay Programmer for Hack ‘n’ Slash, which meant that I implemented the logic for many of the levels and mechanics of the game. I also worked on some level editing tools that used both our engine and Photoshop scripting. The highlight of the project for me was working on procedurally generated rooms based on decompiled Lua, that lets the player modify the game’s code in real-time.

The CaveThe Cave – 2012

At Double Fine, my first project has been working on the Wii U version of The Cave. It was an amazing learning experience to dive head-first into a new engine and rewire the deepest moving parts to run on a brand new, still-evolving system. I also got to do some scratch voice work for the narrator! I also helped with the PC and iOS ports of the game.

Sims 3 PetsSims 3 Pets – Aug 2011

During the summer of 2011, I interned at Electronic Arts as a Gameplay Engineer on The Sims team. I worked on The Sims 3: Pets, the largest expansion pack in the series, during production and alpha phases of development. I scoped new features for the pack, and used C# to write interactions and update old behaviors. I also fixed critical bugs through millions of lines of code in time for the alpha release, and worked with other teams to create downloadable bonus material for the special pre-order edition.

Sims 3 PetsCafé World – Aug 2010

During the summer of 2010, I interned at Zynga as a Software Engineer on Café World, a Facebook game with 22 million monthly active users at the time. I worked on the back-end, using PHP, Memcached, and MySQL to develop the infrastructure for new features and promotions. I also worked on the front-end with primarily ActionScript 3.0 and AMFPHP to create the interface for new content.

Independent Projects

Play My Life Is YoursMy Life is Yours – Jan 2012

My Life is Yours is a game that I and four other friends made in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2012. The game is a puzzle platformer loosely based on the myth of Eurydice, where the player uses two avatars in order to travel to the end of the underworld. Only one avatar is alive at a time, but when one of them dies, the other is resurrected with a special ability based on how the other one died.

Download RetreatRetreat – May 2010

This is another semester-long GCS project, which took place during Spring ’10. The goal is to rescue as many civilians as possible, while running away from an overwhelming invasion of aliens. You can manipulate the buildings and physics puzzles in order to defend yourself from aliens and evacuate the humans. It was made in C++ using SFML, Boost, and Box2D.

Requires Visual Studio 2010 redistributable.

Download Gel CastleGel Castle – Dec 2009

This is a semester-long team project for Game Creation Society that took place during Fall ’09. It was my first full game project, and the final result is mostly a prototype. The goal is to build a castle of cute, gelatinous blocks as high as possible through combining and attaching them together. The game was made in C# using XNA and the JelloPhysics soft body engine.

Made with Visual Studio 2008 and XNA 3.0; if the redistributables don’t download automatically, you can get them here.

Graphics Projects

Download fluid simFluid Simulation – Dec 2010

This is a fluid simulation I made for a class in Fall ’10 (15-467: The Animation of Natural Phenomena). It was about a week-long assignment, but it was one of the more fun projects from the class. It follows mostly from Jos Stam’s Stable Fluids paper.

Requires Visual Studio 2010 redistributable.

Download raytracerRaytracer – Apr 2010

This is a raytracer I made for a class in Spring ’10 (15-462: Computer Graphics). It also took about a week, and it was the culminating project of the class. The model, scene, and image loading functionality, as well as the assets, were provided by the teaching assistants.

Requires Visual Studio 2010 redistributable.

Art Projects

“Sleep” – Feb 2012

Sleep is a data visualization project that I made for Golan Levin’s class Interactive Art and Computational Design. It is a virtual diorama that shows sleep activity (REM cycles) and the mental effects of cumulative sleep debt. The ragdoll’s movements correspond to my level of sleep activity, at the time shown on the background clock. The text in the frame displays the cumulative sleep debt, which causes the scene to become distorted.

“Pixel” – Oct 2010

This is a webcam-based experiment I made for a short game competition, where I was trying to be inventive with the word “pixel”. Instead of thinking about pixels as display elements, I decided to try to create a world out of the pixels of a webcam. It also highlights edges, and any strong occurrence of red, green, or blue in the picture. I used OpenCV and SFML to create the demo, and I might turn it into a more interesting prototype if a no-button game competition shows up.

Requires Visual Studio 2010 redistributable, as well as a webcam connected to your computer.

“Physpectrics” – Jun 2010

This is a combination of a microphone-based FFT and a physics engine, written in Java using Processing, Ess r2, and pbox2d. Most of the effort involved linking the right libraries together, but it’s a fun demonstration that might serve as the basis for a short game in the future.

Requires a microphone attached to your computer, as well as the latest Java Plugin. If the demo doesn’t respond to a microphone, then the plugin doesn’t have the correct permissions.